BeatFest 2 Schedule 2012

2nd Annual Beat Poetry and Arts Festival

Austin, TX --November 1-3, 2012


Thursday, Nov. 1st    Resistencia Bookstore 1801-A South 1st St.


6-7 PM  Meet and Greet for BPAF members and friends

7 PM—Tribute to raúlrsalinas, Albert Huffstickler, and Kell Robertson


Friday Nov. 2nd   ACC Rio Grande Campus Bldg. 3000

 Booksale from various small presses around Texas 10 AM-5PM in Bldg. 3000

10:00 AM-11:30 AM—ACC Student & Faculty Readers

11:40 AM- 12:50 PM—ACC Student & Faculty Readers

1-2 PM Beat Poetry Workshop hosted by Christopher Carmona

                2-3 PM Beat Fiction Workshop hosted by W. Joe Hoppe

3-5 PM  1st Reading Set 

            MC’d by Tammy Gomez

            Thom Unbeaten (Poet)

Ricardo Acevedo (Poet)

Jazz One (Poet)

Ron Scott (Poet)

Alan Oak (Poet)

Z.M. Wise (Poet)

Susan Beall Summers (Poet)


Austin Java 1206 Parkway Avenue

6-7 PM Reception and Check-In for Registered Poets 

7-10:00 PM The Beatest State In The Union: An Anthology of Beat Texas Writings

(MC’d by Christopher Carmona, Chuck Taylor, and Rob Johnson)

            Everyone published in the Beat Texas anthology will get a chance to read.


Saturday, Nov. 3rd   ACC Rio Grande Campus Bldg. 3000

Booksale from various small presses around Texas 10 AM-5PM in Bldg. 3000

10 AM -11:30 AM                          

MC’d by Ric Williams

Manuel Martinez (Prose)

Lowell Mick White (Prose)

Andrew Hilbert (Prose)

Juan Manuel Perez (Poet)

Sharon Luna (Poet)

Kathryn Lane (Poet)


11:45 AM – 1:15 PM

MC’d by Tammy Gomez

PW Covington (Poet)

Rachel Vela (Poet)

Rob Johnson (Beatnik)

Erika Garza-Johnson (Poet)

Edward Vidaurre (Poet)

Tyler Malone (Poet)


1:20 -2:20 PM Beat Memoir Workshop hosted by Chuck Taylor


2:30-4:00 PM

MC’d by Ric Williams

Hedwig Gorski (Poet)

Connie Williams (Poet)

Kathleen Hudson (Prose)

Janet McCann (Poet)

Amber Foster (Prose)

Tracey Zielonka (Poet)


4:00-5:00 PM            

MC’d by Tammy Gomez

Chuck Taylor (Poet)

Lyman Grant (Poet)

Joe Hoppe (Poet)

Christopher Carmona (Poet)

Ken Jones (Poet)

Gene Keller (Poet)

Austin Java 

5:30 – 7:00 PM

MC’d by Ric Williams

Isaac Chavarria (Poet)

Rene Valdez (Poet)

Amalia Ortiz (Poet)

Oscar Pena (Poet)

Irma Guadarrama (Poet)

Michael Aaron Casares (Poet)


7:10 – 9:30 PM

MC’d by Ric Williams

Victor Johnson (Poet)

Thantcyn Nyan (Poet)

Opalina Salas (Poet)

Carlos Salas (Poet)

Stephen Gros (Poet)

Octavio Quintanilla (Poet)


MC’d by Tammy Gomez

9:40 PM – 12 AM  Closing Open Mic with Mingle and Booksale

Performances by Ken Jones

                               Johnny O & Chris Curiel

                                Oscar Pena

                               Alan Oak

                               Tammy Melody Gomez

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