Thursday, November 3rd 

Opening Night Presentation: 

Texas A&M University--Evans Library 204E

7:00 PM - Presentation

8:00 PM- Question & Answer Session

8:30 PM- Rob Johnson will sign copies of his book, The Lost Years of William S. Burroughs: Beats In South Texas 


Did Beatniks Kill John F. Kennedy?

Did Beatniks kill JFK?  Was JFK a beatnik?  Was Oswald a Beatnik?  Were Beatniks communists?  Was Castro a Beatnik?  Was Jackie O a Beatnik chick in disguise?  I'll try to answer these and other provocative (and admittedly silly) questions while in a more serious vein placing the "Beat" movement in the context of political and cultural events leading up to the Kennedy assassination.     

Dr. Rob Johnson, University of Texas-Pan American 

(Author of The Lost Years of William S. Burroughs: Beats in South Texas) will present his book in progress about the Beats and the social climate leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Friday, November 4th

Texas A&M University---Blocker 202

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM  Poetry Workshop--Hosted by Christopher Carmona "Writing Beat Poetry"

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM   Fiction Workshop--Hosted by Lowell Mick White "Writing Beat Fiction"

3:00 - 4:00 PM  Memoir Workshop--Hosted by Chuck Taylor "Writing Beat Memoir"

6 PM - Opening Reception for Festival at La Salle Hotel

7:00 PM-9:00 PM -Beat Texas Anthology Reading at the MSC Forysth Gallery

 Readers                                                 Poem

Chuck Taylor (Editor)                              To Beat or not To Beat

Opalina Salas                                            Jack / SHUT THE HELL AND DIE!!!

Lowell Mick White                                  Riff Raff

Andy Sanchez                                           I Love You, Van Helsing

Dustin Pickering                                     CROSSING FERTILITY

Carolyn Thorman                                   The Cut of the Cloth

Alan Oak                                                   Gonna Starve

Melissa Studdard                                    Subterranean

Ken Jones                                                 One Last Shot / Slices of Middle America

Joe Hoppe                                                Miles to go (February in Austin)/Junkyard Thaw

Hedwig Gorski                                        There’s always Something to Make You Happy / Can’t get Gregory Corso out ‘a my Car

Joy Cole (read by Hedwig)                   A Year

Rob Johnson (Editor)                           Beat Texas

Manuel Martinez                                    Tougher Than Us

Erica Garza-Johnson                            Obsessed With Time Magazine/ La Llorona at HEB

P.W. Covington                                       You Can't Be Beat Anymore

Connie Williams                                     To Lawrence Ferlinghetti / I Might Have Cried

Joseph Stamey (read by Connie)                  The Nigh Allen Ginsberg Died

Ricardo Acevedo                                      Cool

Kay Cox                                                      Ranch Ants

Katie Hoerth                                             “Adan y Eva” in the Rio Grande Garden of Eden

Thom Woodruff (Unbeaten)                 I Will Be A Hummingbird / Recycled Reads and Half-Price Books

Lilly Penhall                                             Be My Neal Cassady

Joey Da'rrell Cloudy                                One Time In The Corner

Jolee Davis                                                How To Avoid Hate Crimes

Christopher Carmona (Editor)             Where My Friends Gather 

Saturday, November 5th

Forsyth 11-1 PM

Alan Oak

Manuel Martinez

Rose Ann Meredith

Sharon Luna

Juan Perez

Ryan Neighbors

Thom Unbeaten MC


Puente Plays for 20 mins


Forsyth 1:00 - 3 PM

Lowell Mick White

Melissa Studdard

Lilly Penhall

Hedwig Gorski

P.W. Covington

Marc Carver

Ken Jones MC


Village Café 3 - 5 PM

Christopher Carmona

Opalina Salas

Joe Hoppe

Ricardo Acevedo

Amber Foster

Mario Leal Jr.

Thom Unbeaten MC


Puente Plays for 20 mins


Village Café 5-7 PM

Erica Garza-Johnson

Lauren Espinoza

Katie Hoerth

Connie Williams

Stephen Gros

Joey Da'rrell Cloudy

Ken Jones MC


Village Café 7-8 PM

Puente plays for 45 mins


Revolution Café 8 - 9 PM

Coronation of Chuck Taylor

Beat Poet Laureate

Hosted by Ken Jones



Revolution Café 9-11 PM

Open Mic

(Hosted by Thom Unbeaten)